Cultural mapping of Mykolaiv

Cultural mapping of Mykolaiv took place in 2013. It was managed by a guideline of “Cultural mapping toolkit” (Canada). Main goals of this projects were to research the creative and cultural resources of Mykolaiv city and provoke strategic thinking about the development of the region through the cooperation of different sectors of culture.

The first step of this project was historical research about the identity of this town and how it was changed in the 90s and beginning fo XXI.

Next phase were meetings with cultural actors to bring up the topic of systematic cultural development. The main focuses were the following sectors:
Music, Visual arts, Theater, Movies, Dance, Festivals. We used the World Cafe format to make the communication easy and minimize existing tension between some stake-holders that were thinking about themself as compatitors

One outcome of this project was a publication of the research with organised opinions and additional data from third part of the project (interview with broader audience).

The publication can be seen here in digital format .